We Manufacture Perspectives!

Cloudfactory is a creative innovation center

Directed by local kids, living in poverty

In collaboration with young designers

Cloudfactory is a social design workshop, where kids living in extreme poverty can work together with young designers, fashion designers, architects, photographers and graphic artists in Bódva Valley, one of the poorest regions of Hungary, Central-Eastern Europe.

Anything can be produced in the Cloudfactory: children furniture, pothole proof skateboards or collapsible herb garden, following the needs of the kids. It can produce personal career plans and future perspectives for communities. It helps to create brave young people, poor and not poor, designers and non-designers, who dare to face social problems.

The project is initiated by MOME EcoLab, the sustainability research group of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME), in partnership with the local primary school of Bódvaszilas. Cloudfactory is an experiment to open new perspectives in changing social problems with the power of creativity and design thinking.



the kids


















and 160 pupils more

the team

Dr. Dániel Barcza, DLA, MSc

the vice rector of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). He teaches sustainable design, social design and ecology on Master courses and at the Doctoral School. He’s also co-founder of the sustainability research group, MOME EcoLab.

Bori Fehér

architect and social designer, co-founder of MOME EcoLab, the sustainability research group behind Cloudfactory project. Her main interest is examining possibilites of resilience and adaptation in social innovation design. Bori also works as a research fellow at MOME, where she manages the university’s international research and development programmes.

Andrea Schmidt

economist and sociologist, senior lecturer at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Desgin Budapest. As a researcher her main interests are education-sociology and knowledge-management. She is the scientific director of MOME EcoLab.

Rita Szerencsés

project manager of MOME EcoLab, also responsible for the coordination of Cloudfactory. Rita got her MA degree on art and design management in 2015 at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). Currently she’s also the project manager of MOME’s Institute of Architecture. She’s attended several social projects since her high school years.

Nikolett Kustos

third year photography BA student of MOME. She’s been participating in Cloudfactory projectben since 2013. She’s the official photographer of the project.

Renáta Pomázi

is a third year architecture student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). She’s been participating in the project for three years, primarily as a builder then as a designer, she is part of the development team. As a child of a teacher she’d worked with elementary school kids before. In her BA thesis she’s examined the possibilities of integrating architecture into handicapped compensation school programmes.

the contributors

Viola Bálint

architecture student

Becky Slogeris

social design expert
Center for Social Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA

Enikő Bráda

project assistant, PhD student

Carl-Ola Annefors

product designer (Lund University, Sweden)

Csinszka Cserháti

architect designer

Nóra Demeczky

graphic designer

Angéla Góg

food designer

Ágnes Herr

graphic designer

Ágnes Jekli

graphic designer

Dávid Korándi

sociology student

Mónika Kovács

graphic design student

Nóra Költő

design manager student

Eva Kubinyi

textile designer

Lee Davis

social design expert
Center for Social Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA

Anna Misovicz

social design expert

Eszter Révész

textile designer
PhD student, instructor at MOME

Vincze Rudolf

architecture student

Dorottya Seenger

architecture student

Ildikó Simonfalvi

project manager

Szotfriedt Márton

architecture student

Áron Vass-Eysen

architect designer
instructor at MOME

Ferenc Vértesi

architecture student



The aim is to further develop and extend the social design workshop in Bódva Valley where young designers and children living in extreme poverty can learn from each other and create new perpectives together.



graphic design

Nóra Demeczky
Ágnes Herr


Gábor Réthi

main supporter





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